Property Investment Hints and Tips

Explore the ways to make the most of your property investments. Even if you rent and don’t own a home, you are making important choices about how you spend your property budget. On the Market Direct helps you find out how to earn money, save money and learn about new opportunities for small and large investors alike.

Selling Options – Confused?

If you don’t work in the property industry no-one could blame you for being totally confused.  On the Market Direct guides you through the various agents, portals and other online options for selling your home. Find out which is the best package for you, sell your home fast and save money.

How to Choose Your Perfect Home

Buying a home could be the most important financial decision you will ever make.  On the Market Direct takes you through the important steps to buy smart.  See hints and tips on how to get an awesome deal and make sure you choose the right home for your lifestyle.

Invest in property Direct on the Market

It may be difficult to raise your deposit, but in most countries it is far more expensive to rent than buy. Not only are you likely to see an increase in your equity (the value of your property after loans), but your monthly outgoings will be much higher...

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We can’t all be Donald Trump, but if you do have a small amount of cash to invest don’t imagine that there aren’t opportunities. A plot of land or garage could be affordable and allow you to enter the property market...

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Another recent development is property industry companies who are looking for investment. There are many changes taking place at the moment with new companies challenging the status quo...

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by using online resources – why pay for something that you can get for free. Here’s our estimate of the savings that you can make by going direct...

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Find real estate confusing? Don’t want to pay estate agents’ fees?

On the Market Direct brings you all the best info on buying, selling and investment in the property world. Learn the tricks of the trade and awesome money saving tips.

Investment Tips for Property Selling your Home direct

On the Market Direct helps you choose the best way to buy, sell or rent your property in the most direct way saving you time and money.

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